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Chrissy’s passion for exploration blossomed at a young age. Born into a military family, she lived in 5 states before the 6th grade until finally settling in Texas. Her dad would regularly bring her back gifts from exotic places which only fueled her curiosity of distant lands. After college, Chrissy embarked on a year long adventure to Germany and wandered throughout Europe. She then moved to California to begin a marketing career in the solar energy industry. While she loved her work, the pull of her wanderlust never ebbed. Although she’s terrified of having to eat seafood, she’s excited to meet other travelers, and happy to be on this crazy journey with her best friend.

Chrissy has now started her own business as an online marketing virtual assistant. You can check out her website at www.christinaharter.com.


Born and raised in sunny California, Craig began cultivating his adventurous spirit at an early age during frequent trips to the mountains with his equally adventurous family. In college, Craig’s craving to see the world dragged him across the Atlantic Ocean for the first time to the magical wonderland of Munich, Germany where he spent a year “studying” abroad (quotations intended). It was here that Craig was struck painfully ill with a chronic disease he still carries today; The notorious travel bug. Since then, Craig’s travels have taken him to every corner of Europe all while pursuing his Master’s Degree. With the degree now out of the way, Craig again yearns for the next great adventure.


Craig and Chrissy met in Germany as members of a federally sponsored youth ambassadorship program. They became friends and saw each other occasionally throughout the year. Then the program ended and Chrissy moved to California while Craig stayed in Germany. As luck would have it, Craig’s wanderlust soon brought him back to his home state, where he and Chrissy reconnected and soon began dating. To date, their relationship has spanned three years, three states, and dozens of adventures. The preface to their story has been written. Now, free from social responsibility, they are eager to start Chapter One. These are the travels and tribulations of Chrissy and Craig.US

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  1. Dear Chrissy and Craig.

    It’s a very nice blog you have there. What happen this year that you’re not posting this much.
    I was wondering whether you’re open minded for a collaboration. I started an online travel agency in the Philippines. I need to promote my website. are you open to suce an idea?

    Best Dan

    1. Hi Dan,

      Thanks for reaching out to us. This year has been a growth year for us. We set down some roots for a bit, adopted a puppy, planned our coming wedding, and started paving a path for more sustainable travel in the future. congratulations on starting your own travel agency! We did a couple great tours with local agencies and had really great experiences! The Philippines is an amazing country and is growing fast in the travel world. My advice would be to focus on your Tripadvisor reviews (encourage your customers to review you) and try to get yourself mentioned with a travel blogger. If we were currently traveling in the Philippines, we’d be happy to come try one of your tours, but unfortunately we will not be back to Asia any time soon and we do not feel comfortable promoting anyone we have not done a tour with. We wish you the best of luck with your new business, and we will definitely reach out to you again the next time we find ourselves in the Philippines.

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